An immersive Virtual Reality app to help moms


We are revolutionizing birth
and postpartum experience with VR.

Created at MIT Media Lab, award-winning Virtual Letdown is an immersive virtual reality app that help moms pump milk more efficiently, and enjoyably. Specifically targeted for moms who pump at work, pre-term moms who need to establish & maintain their milk supply while their babies are in NICU, or anyone who wants to experience breastfeeding!


Virtual Letdown is a VR app that aims to help moms pump milk more effectively. It teleports you into a nice nursery, surrounded by the pictures of your baby. When you look down, you will see an animated breastfeeding baby!


Prior medical research shows that moms express more milk (both in volume and in fat content) if they look at the pictures of their baby while breastpumping. We are offering a similar experience, but in a completely immersive environment!


Moms with premature babies in NICU need to establish and maintain their milk supply. Working moms need to pump regularly in small cabins or in toilets. We aim to revolutionize the breastpumping experience for women using VR.

Immersive Experience

Instead of pumping in small lactation pods, or in toilets, surround yourself with an immersive and relaxing environment, with a virtual breastfeeding baby in your hands!

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Prior medical research showed that looking at the pictures of your baby while breastpumping helps you to release more oxytocin and pump more milk. Virtual Letdown provides a customizable nursing room that you can decorate with the pictures and videos of your baby and your family!

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Customized Avatars

To make yourself feel at home, you can customize the room decor based on gender, and customize your (and your baby's) avatar based on skin color, hair type, gender, and more!

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Virtual Letdown

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“Trying out the Virtual Reality app was a fascinating and immersive experience. My brian was instantly transported to that virtual location of a nursery, I felt calm and serene and when i looked down and saw a breastfeeding baby, I really need to remind myself it’s not real, and hold back the reflex to reach my arms out to cradle that feeding baby. The calming and connecting behaviors that the app elicited are what the hormone oxytocin is responsible for, and this hormone is essential when breastfeeding as it releases the milk (let down or milk ejection). Many mothers are unable to be with their babies for each breastfeed, perhaps the mother has returned to work, or perhaps she has a sick or prematurely born baby. This app could be an interesting bridge in these situations, whereby perhaps the hormonal response could be triggered during this immersive experience as it would during breastfeeding.”

- Danielle Prime, PhD, Lactation scientist at Medela

“It was the first time I ever tried a VR headset, and the experience was pretty interesting. I would never imagined VR environment looks that vibrant and realistic… I actually tried to grab the baby with both of my hands when I suddenly looked down and saw a breastfeeding baby in my arms! When I pump I usually check my Instagram or my FB and look forward to finish the pumping, and I rarely take the opportunity to relax (to be honest, even if I try to relax the view of our tiny pumping cabin is pretty depressing). However, with the VR app I felt like I am being teleported to a special place that is personalized for me (the room was decorated with the pictures of my baby and me) with some calm/relaxing music. It made me forget that I am stuck in a tiny cabin for 15-20 minutes, and helped me to take the opportunity to just relax.”

- Laila Akbiyik, Architect

Virtual Letdown

Selected Press

Boston Globe

Virtual Letdown is featured on the front page of the business section on Boston Globe! Read about Elizabeth Preston's amazing article here.

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Virtual Letdown is featured in STAT News, and Boston Globe (print edition). Read more at Elizabeth Preston's amazing article, "How VR may take the drudgery out of pumping breast milk — and help ease new mothers’ stress" below.

(Note: Illustration is made by Molly Ferguson)

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Virtual Letdown


Technology Frontiers Award

Virtual Letdown is won the Technology Frontiers Award from Lansinoh at "Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon" at MIT. The Technology Frontiers Award recognizes the team that demonstrates the best application of technology that supports breastfeeding, pumping and general lactation support.

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VR for Birth & Postpartum Suite

We are revolutionizing birth
and postpartum experience with VR.

The global market for VR in healthcare is expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2020. We are pioneering the usage of Virtual Reality in Birth & Postpartum area. Virtual Letdown is the first product of the VR for Birth & Postpartum suite that we are developing. Check out the other apps in this suite that are currently in development, and reach us if you have any questions!

Virtual Doula

Studies have shown that having a doula in childbirth decreases c-section rate by 50% and length of labor by 25% but not everyone can afford a doula. Virtual Doula provides an assistant to help the expecting moms on breathing, relaxation and pain relief techniques.

Virtual Latch

Breastmilk is the golden standard for babies. However, 52% of moms in US have problems with latching. Virtual Latch is a virtual assistant that teaches different breastfeeding positions and latching techniques on a virtual baby.

Virtual Birth

Virtual Birth aims to overcome tokophobia —the fear of giving birth— by helping the expecting mom to go through different delivery options (natural, c-section etc.) in a virtual environment.

Virtual Letdown

The Team

Pinar Yanardag

Founder and CEO

PhD in Computer Science Purdue'16, Post-doc at MIT Media Lab'18. After suffering from several breastfeeding problems, Pinar decided to change birth & postpartum experience using virtual reality.

Ada Delul

Principal Test Engineer

Born in Cambridge, MA, Ada has 1 year of experience in drinking breast milk. She currently works as a test engineer by drinking milk pumped with the help of Virtual Letdown.


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